Experimental circus and music at the Jetlag ADM Festival

Experimental circus and music at the Jetlag ADM Festival

Jul 13, 2016 |  by  |  Art, Event, Music
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Ladies and gentlemen, the circus is coming to town! The biggest and longest surviving cultural free-haven in the Netherlands is gearing up to continue its existence, and in order to do so ADM collaborated with the Jetlag festival. Jetlag was founded by collectives La Virgule and Side Kunst Cirque from Toulouse, and its name is derived from the disruption of daily routine a jetlag tends to provide.

Risky, experimental and mad

The main goal of the Jetlag ADM Festival is to shake up the borders of circus and music. During three days of risky, experimental and mad circus acts, music and pop up shows you’ll travel to a place where time and space fade away. Only then will you be able to fully immerse yourself in their imagination.

Over 21 international circus fellowships en 15 music collectives will present themselves, and the program will provide you with an intense experience, filled with the latest in experimental circus. A controlled chaos of floating dance, absurd humor, raw music, physical theater and daring acrobatics. The musical enlistment consist of everything ranging from nine-person Mexican Latin ska band to a French experimental freak show.

Their ambition is to create a festival that’ll shake up the circus scene. As such, they welcome circus artists, musicians an visitors to meet and share in the interactive jam space. Feel like contributing, or just experience everything the festival has to offer? In any case, be blown away by a multi-disciplinary-all-flavored music program with extras!

Jetlag ADM Festival

When: July 15-17, 12:00
Where: ADM, Hornweg 6
Tickets: From €10,- (children under 12 free), at the entrance
More info: Website & Facebook event

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