Worth Your Dam Hangover: PITCH, Manifestival

Worth Your Dam Hangover: PITCH, Manifestival

Jun 30, 2016 |  by  |  Event, Music
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I’ve been a music hoarder all my life and it was I who coined the phrase: ‘Every genre has something to offer’ (patent pending). My main infatuations are House, Disco, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop and every subgenre in between. As long as the tunes spark up a euphoric feeling. Writing about Music expresses my passion for the art.

Too many plans for the weekend? Let me narrow your options down by weekly suggesting the events where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. So here’s where you weekend warriors should go to for next Monday’s hangover.

Friday & Saturday: PITCH @ Westerpark

PITCH really stands out from others in the city as an alternative festival; from steadily providing their audience with a refreshing line up with a diverse pool of artists, hailing from different genres, to the unique advantages of the location. The Westerpark grants PITCH the possibility of using the outdoor areas, which will be filled with tents, as well as the indoor locations like the Transformatorhuis, Westerliefde and the Gashouder. This causes the festivals’ program to be more spread out across the day and flow over in to the night.


Whether you want to shutdown with Skepta, want to pleasure your ears with the soothing voice of Jamie Woon or bounce through the Gashouder with music provided by DJs like Floating Points, Cinnaman, Job Jobse and Tom Trago (or something in between), PITCH offers everything and more for the ones with a more developed taste in music. Grab your tickets here!

Saturday: Manifestival @ Ruigoord

Simultaneously with the second day of PITCH, over at Ruigoord people’ll be getting together for Manifestival. The festival is a celebration and an honor to the magical town of Ruigoord and the freedom it represents. It’ll be a day full of cultural activities and musical acts. Manifestival provides 11 stages packed with both international and local DJs, playing genres like house, trance, acid, jazz and world music. This is the first edition but it already promises to be something unique by blending music, art and creativity and presenting it on a beautiful location to an audience with a wide age range. For more information and tickets, click here.

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