All you need is All We Want Festival

All you need is All We Want Festival

Jun 24, 2016 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Dancing around the world with funky socks and bananas, has a fetish for doors and hands, thinks glitters make live for fun, dreams big and lives by the quote: playing it safe is dangerous.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, we lived happily ever after. A place where majestic tents (go glamping!), make-believe lands and beauty breathe life into the world around us. It’s a place where peace, joy and wonder fill our hearts. Magic doors and fantastic kingdoms await all of us who are willing to embark…

Adult playground

Wake up Floor, you’re not watching one of your favorite Disney movies! Well, the feeling is perhaps the same, though All We Want is a bit more grown-up. See it as a playground, filled with water fights, chill sessions and amazing dance music. And if you’re a sucker for sunrises, this is your place as well; last year I saw the prettiest sunrise ever.

The line-up is filled with lots of pleasure, like Benny Rodriguez and Dixon. But legend Henrik Schwarz is ready to make this the best weekend ever as well. All this is created by several organisations from across the country, but of course we focus on our beloved Amsterdam. Representing our capitol are the dreamers from La Rêve and Lazy Sundays – you know, that great festival where you discovered festivals in the first place. I’m sure they will make their mark. Be sure to check out Tsepo’s set from last year, he’ll be returning to Graefenthal for this year’s edition as well!

So grab your car (or take the bus) and find your way to Neverland – a place to find your inner child and play around. I suggest you bring a paddling pool or some Super Soakers to make it even more fun!

All We Want Festival 2016

When: July 1-4
Where: Kloster Graefenthal, Maasstrasse 50, Goch
Tickets: €75,- | Here
More info: Facebook event

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