Yummya, a new and themed paradise food festival

Yummya, a new and themed paradise food festival

Apr 25, 2016 |  by  |  Event, Food
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Who doesn’t love food and a good time? Amsterdam is the new home of yet another food festival. After food festivals like Taste Amsterdam, Rollende Keukens and Amsterdam Kookt the food truck heaven doesn’t seem to cease just yet. In the long weekend of Ascension Day the brand new food festival Yummya will go down.


Yummya is all about streetfood, but separates itself from the others by adding a theme to the festivities: the story of Adam and Eve and the seduction of food. In the words of founding father and organizer of Yummya, Enzo Kleijn: “In Holland all food festivals look alike: food, drinks, music and theater. We add special elements to surprise our guests.” Elements of surprise… This makes you think: will there be people wandering around buck naked, handing out tarte tatins, with fig leaves on their crotches? Now that would be a nice touch which will put Yummya in a whole other category than the other food festivals. Rollende Keukens: step up your game!

Sfeerbeeld - Habibi

Cultural diversity

Another cool thing: the food trucks at Yummya seem to be more culturally diverse than at other food festivals. From Korean to Javanese to the Arabian Kitchen – you can have it all. All types of food lovers can enjoy several gastronomic meals. A few of the attending trucks:

Yokiyo: In my opinion you can’t compare the Korean kitchen to any other Asian kitchen like Thai or Chinese – this is so good it’s on another level. Hoping to get some of the most fluffy rice I’ve ever had, Pajon and of course kimchi! To wash it all down with a bottle of Soju.

Javaanse jongen: They’ve dubbed themselves ‘the first and only Surinamese streetfood truck in Holland’. They serve up a mean nasi, roti and my favorite (which is not actually Javanese but who cares): bara filled with bakkeljauw.

Bunny Chow: South Africa, represent! Probably one of the best known dishes of the country brought to you by The Bunny Chow Experience. Bunny Chow is basically half a loaf of bread filled with curry goodness.

If you need any more persuading after all this: entrance to the festival is free until 19:00, after that it’s €3,- per person.


When: May 5-8, Thursday-Saturday 11:00-23:00, Sunday 11:00-21:00
Where: Jaap Edenhal, Radioweg 64
Tickets: Free, discount on consumptions | Here
More info: Website & Facebook event

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