Local Dealer in tree art: Barkloud

Local Dealer in tree art: Barkloud

Apr 8, 2016 |  by  |  Art, Event, Spots
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Barkrubbing… Sounds like something a nature-loving, hipster hippie would do nowadays. But the art of bark rubbing has been around longer than one might think. A quick look around Google offers how to’s and various video’s of people and children bark rubbing away.

Irish cailín Claire Monica Nolan is the founding artist and designer of Barkloud. She paints abstract art from bark rubbings of oak trees which she collects in different parks in Amsterdam.

Art pop-up store

After a long day of bark rubbing, she analyses the rubbings and scans them for recognizable shapes – like a sick elephant or an Edwardian woman smoking a crack pipe – which she then isolates, prints and frames beautifully. Claire is also working on new products to make from these prints like badges, sweatshirts etc. Here is a video of Claire explaining her work, and below you can see her in action:

This month a Barkloud pop-up store has opened its doors for all bark-loving people to come and enjoy her refreshing artwork as well as posters, street art, sweatshirts, accessories & customized furniture from other artists. Everyone who visits the store can participate in a collective piece of art which will be sold and the end of the month. All profits from this sale will be going towards replanting trees.

Give and let live! – So, come round. The store will be open for the entire month of April!

Barkloud Pop Up Gallery & Store

When: April 1-30 | Monday-Wednesday 13:00-16:30, Thursday-Saturday 11:00-18:00, Sunday 12:00-18:00
Where: Houtkoperdwarsstraat 6
More info: Website & Facebook event(s)


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