Lie down at Pllek’s Raagmala Suite concert

Lie down at Pllek’s Raagmala Suite concert

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Pllek is a true treasure of Amsterdam Noord. Hugging the shoreline by the industrial NDSM Wharf, Pllek began as a few empty shipping containers in 2011, and has since become one of the most popular places to stop for a meal or a drink north of the river IJ.

One upside of the restaurant is its busy events calendar, typically chock-full of concerts, film screenings, workshops and even yoga classes. As a venue, Pllek’s open interior and unique location provide the perfect alternative space for shows and projects that aim to do something a little different.

Music for the seasons

Pllek’s latest musical project is its Raagmala Suite Ligconcert series, which presents four concerts between now and December—one for each season. And as the name of the series suggests, the shows are not organized as one might expect. At these concerts Pllek invites the audience to lie down and close their eyes, for a different musical experience. The idea of a ‘ligconcert’ isn’t a new one in the Netherlands—pianist couple Sandra and Jeroen van Veen host a popular piano ligconcert series throughout the year—but the space and the musicians involved will hopefully bring something fresh to the concept.

Raagmala Suite is an improvisation composition crafted by pianist Marynka Nicolai, DJ Dr. Goldfinger and Indian sarod player Avi. The suite combines ragas—scales from the classical Indian music tradition—to create shifting musical moods. After its launch in October 2015, the Raagmala Suite project will be the featured music throughout Pllek’s four-concert series. For each show, the musicians plan to draw inspiration from the characteristics of the season, offering different musical impressions throughout the year.

The first of these four concerts is this Sunday, where Nicolai, Dr. Goldfinger and Avi will improvise on the themes of spring and the Persian New Year. If you’re looking for plans and are up for a unique concert-going experience, hop on a ferry to NDSM to join them.

RaagMala Suite Ligconcert: Spring

When: March 20, 20:00
Where: Pllek, Neveritaweg 59
Tickets: From €11,- | Here
More info: Website & Facebook event

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