O.W.A.P. is back by dope demand with a Chicago vs. New York edition

O.W.A.P. is back by dope demand with a Chicago vs. New York edition

Mar 16, 2016 |  by  |  Event, Music
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The Original Warehouse Acid Party is back! The last O.W.A.P. was one of the best I’ve ever been to. Mainly because Masters At Work, my favorite house artists, were playing. But apart from this, everyone who ever went to an O.W.A.P. would agree that the euphoric vibe is what defines O.W.A.P.. Whether the extravaganza emits from the people, the colorful stagesetting, the overdose of smileys, the Original Confetti Man, the sweet vocals of Miss Bunty or the music from the glorious days of house, techno and acid, it’ll undoubtedly rub off on you!

A night you won’t remember, but you’ll never forget!

With Masters At Work, the most influential house producers of all time, accompanied by the equally influential Todd Terry as headliners at the previous edition it would be hard to imagine how O.W.A.P. would top that. But lo and behold, they did it again with The Chicago vs New York edition!

Homage to house

With two stages at their disposal at the Warehouse Elementenstraat, this Saturday O.W.A.P. will pay an all-night homage to the two different styles of house, as the cities are at the foundation of the genre and its club culture. New York is represented by a soulful duo who have contributed to and perfected the ’90s sound of the city: Mood II Swing! They’re accountable for a lot of underground remixes and productions, most notably for their crossover remix Free by Ultra Naté. Expect a lot of lush chords, raw drums and a deep bass. Put the unique and joyous O.W.A.P. vibe in the mix and the dance floor will be filled with smiley faces, not just from the balloons.

The main stage provides Chicago’s finest: none other than Mike Dunn will be spinnin’ the decks. Dunn has been DJing and producing steadily for over 20 years. Combining the Chicago style, hip-house and his characteristic vocals, Dunn’s tracks are distinctive. Since Defected re-released his track God Made Me Funky a new interest arose, opening up Dunn to a new audience.

It wouldn’t be an Original Warehouse Acid Party if there wasn’t being played some fine acid (read: ACIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEDDD!!!). And who better to fulfill that need than the godfathers themselves: Phuture. DJ Pierre, DJ Spank Spank and Herb J actually coined the term acid with their first ever release Acid Tracks. Armed with the TR-303 Phuture will be playing a live set this Saturday, certainly embodying the acid sound.

Besides the impressive acts from overseas, the Dutch dance scene is represented as well. With Mike Risk, Remy, Dimitri, Eric de Man and Melon behind the turntables it’s safe to say that the Elementenstraat is the place to party this Saturday. There are still some tickets available, so grab ‘em while you still can and join this ecstatic night, or as O.W.A.P. puts it: a night you won’t remember, but you’ll never forget!

O.W.A.P.: The Chicago vs New York Edition

When: March 19, 22:00-06:45
Where: Elementenstraat 25
Tickets: Here
More Info: Website & Facebook event

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