Dust and Guitars: Theo Sieben's southern sound for Sunday chilling

Dust and Guitars: Theo Sieben’s southern sound for Sunday chilling

Mar 5, 2016 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Towards the end of the weekend, when Monday’s only one sleep away and Saturday has taken its toll, all we want is to be comforted with a warm blanket of pleasant sounds. Exactly this is what awaits you in coffeehouse KHL tomorrow. Theo Sieben will present his highly anticipated album Delphinidin. Delphinidin is the pigment coloring flowers blue and wine a purple-blue shade of red. Something Theo brings to life in his new songs, representing a feeling we can all relate to on a bluesy Sunday.

Bluesy stories and western tales

Growing up as a Brabant-boy surrounded by folk and rock music Theo Sieben knows his southern sound. Knowing alone is not enough to produce a sound like his though… His rich voice and amazingly sturdy strumming of the guitar form a perfect harmony of soothing sounds. It’s impossible not to get hypnotized by his songs, so why fight it? Let Theo take you on a journey through bluesy stories and western tales, with mischief and murder, nostalgia and melancholy.

On Delphinidin Theo has collaborated with respectable musicians such as Joost Belifante (Doe Maar, CCCinc), Dave Menkehorst (Miss Molly And Me), Rob Klerkx (Moke) and many more – which increased my expectations even more.

Four years after his highly celebrated second record Invite to Dance – the first and only Dutch roots album ever making it to the year list of the Euro Americana Chart – we’re finally being treated to a new southern style soundtrack. I’ve had the honor of having a sneak eavesdrop and believe you me, this is all you need for your Sunday chillings. Can’t wait… See you there!

Theo Sieven Delphinidin album launch

When: March 6, 16:00
Where: KHL, Oostelijke Handelskade 44
Entrance: From €5,-
More info: Website & Facebook event

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