Frascati’s Made In Here is a Soviet-style handbook for city living

Frascati’s Made In Here is a Soviet-style handbook for city living

Mar 1, 2016 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Having lived in London to study theater producing, Senne now selects the tastiest performances across Amsterdam and serves up the fine theatrical dishes this city has to offer.

Made In Here is ’88 tips for a better life’. The show starts with four actors addressing the audience directly, explaining that they want to teach us something, but in a fun way. They emphasize more than once how they don’t want to shock us (which makes you think they definitely will) and apologize if they do (which makes you prepare for the worst). But this show really doesn’t shock at all, and turns out to be breezy if a bit repetitive.

Davy Pieters directs Marijn Brussaard, Indra Cauwels, Vanja Rukavina and Lisa Schamlé as they give away their wisdom about leading a good life in the ‘Green City’. A voice-over briefly repeats the most important lesson each time a segment has ended. The at the heart of the writing (Jibbe Willems) brings to mind Soviet propaganda. The actors illustrate how not to be wasteful and live efficiently, but also give advice on a healthy love life and teach us to face our problems head-on.


When someone errs, however, the repercussions are stiff: the characters do not eschew violence to keep each other on track. The performances are wildly theatrical and often very funny. Especially Rukavina knows his way around this very particular style of acting, a bit TV commercial and a bit clownesque.

The promises made in the flyer are heavy-handed compared to the comical nature of the production. It doesn’t actually feel that critical of our current way of life, and it certainly doesn’t provide answers. But Pieters’ hand is visible in its uniqueness, and it makes for an entertaining hour of recognizable issues. Towards the end, in a sketch about the energy-efficient house, the show flares up – too late to make the entire thing make sense, but good enough to keep an eye on the creatives responsible.

Made In Here

When: March 1-12, 20:00
Where: Frascati, Nes 63
Tickets & info: Made In Here

Imagery by Anna van Kooij.

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