TEDxAUCollege brings inspiring speeches to the Bimhuis

TEDxAUCollege brings inspiring speeches to the Bimhuis

Feb 29, 2016 |  by  |  Art, Event
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TED Talks are known worldwide for showcasing accessible and captivating speeches, and their popularity seems to know no bounds. So much so they have sparked a movement: TEDx events, which are held by organisations who wish to harness the TED ethos of sharing ground-breaking ideas and bringing them to the heart of the community.

Amsterdam University College were quick to the TEDx party, and have curated one heck of an impressive event under the TED format. On March 2, at the Bimhuis, the Amsterdam University College will hold its third TEDx event, Turn The Tides. Speakers from varying international backgrounds will share their bold ideas; innovative theories and suggestions that go against the grain and aim to transform and improve society, both locally and globally.

Pitch Night and the program

I attended the Pitch Night at AUC, an evening where the audience and a selected panel chose the last two speakers of the program. These two additions included the charismatic student and life-time e-gamer, Tim Alpherts, who wishes to bring the anonymous, skilled gamers out of the shadows and into the athletic foreground. And Nadia Remmerswaal, the creator of a revolutionary new concrete framework system which enables safe, inexpensive, and self constructed housing in the world’s poorest urban areas.

The program doesn’t disappoint; it’s an impressive smorgasbord of fascinating speeches.

If this build-up event was anything to go by, Turn The Tides will be a brilliantly positive and engaging evening. The Pitch Night included musical entertainment in between speeches, a natural born presenter in the form of the TEDxAUC chair Felix Beer, excellent speakers who all adopted the TED format of informality that truly engages, rowdy students ready to cheer at the top of their lungs, and some delicious snacks!

The program has been released and it doesn’t disappoint; it’s an impressive smorgasbord of fascinating speeches. Topics include: higher education for refugees, revolutionary care for dementia patients, solutions to global childhood nutrition, innovations in artistic practice, discussions in cultural identity, sustainable energy suppliers, and wildlife preservation.

Tickets include dinner and drinks in this beautiful venue. Unfortunately it just sold out, but you never know…

TEDxAUCollege Presents: Turn the Tides

When: March 2, 17:30-22:00
Where: Bimhuis, Piet Heinkade 3
More info: Website & Facebook event

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