Dancing Easter away at DGTL Festival

Dancing Easter away at DGTL Festival

Feb 29, 2016 |  by  |  Event, Lifestyle, Music
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Every year during Easter I try to find the perfect excuse to cancel the typical family activities… and every time I use the same one: DGTL Festival. Sorry mom. I can try to make this really difficult and profound, but in the end the answer’s simple. DGTL has it all. The great line-up, the amazing food (I can’t make it myself) and they are very supportive when it comes to environment.

DGTL festival starts Friday night with girl boss Maya Jane Coles and my personal favorite Satori. And if you like swinging and shaking you should definitely check out Black Coffee, happy vibes guaranteed. During the weekend there will be a lot of other great music to dance on though. When I checked the line-up my heart starting jumping for several famous names, like Joy Orbison and Job Jobse.

Nina Kraviz or Prins Thomas b2b Gerd Janson, the Amsterdam-based Young Marco AND my all-time favorites Mano Le Tough and John Talabot. For this Spanish guy I’m really excited. I know, he’s not that unknown or whatever but I never, ever, saw him perform (yet!). I know it’s really sad but it never worked out for some reason. Basically because I always change my plans on the day itself. But this year it will be different John, I promise.

Besides all those crazy names, DGTL goes veggie for the first time. How awesome is that?! When approximately 40.000 visitors don’t eat meat for one weekend this will save 53 tonnes of CO2 emission. This equals 350 return flights from Amsterdam to Paris. I mean, this is another great reason to skip your eastern brunch. So, if you’re boring enough to find a reason to skip this magical day, you should win a award for that.

Now, the only thing you need to think about is which day you are planning to go. Are you bad in making decisions or suffering from FOMO? Dancing the whole weekend will be your answer. Trust me on this one.

DGTL Festival 2016

When: March 26-27
Where: NDSM Wharf, TT Neveritaweg 61
Tickets: Here
More info: Website & Facebook event

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