Fast and curious at Generation '16 by MOAM

Fast and curious at Generation ’16 by MOAM

Feb 1, 2016 |  by  |  Art, Event, Fashion
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Everyday life is an entrance for new talent. The future is happening now and creativity is booming in cities like Amsterdam. That’s why MOAM organizes an exhibition each year with the best of the best youngsters in the creative field. From illustration to design, from fashion to documentary; it’s all in the game.

In three hours you can see a reflection of the current creative zeitgeist of 2016.

Time flies and so does this exhibition, it’s a one time experience. In three hours you can see a reflection of the current creative zeitgeist of 2016. So if you’re suffering from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or some curiosities, be sure to mark this event in you’re agenda. You’ll regret it if you’re missing out.

The first edition of Generation took place last year and received more than 1.000 visitors as well as a lot of attention in the media, both online and offline. Check out the after movie to get an impression:

The exhibition takes place in the new hot and happening location De School. It just so happens to be my former home, so I’m really excited how this works out. But I’m pretty sure it will be inspiring, just like last year. And because exciting things make you thirsty, MOAM treats you with a shot of vodka and a beer. How thoughtful of them!

Participants Generation 2016:
Karim Adduchi | Wessel Baarda | Daan van Citters | Koers von Cremer | Maurice van Es | Elene Hulleman | Ilco Louis | Thomas van Rijs | Jelte Schmidt | Sanne Schuurman | Karlijn Sibbel | Iwan Smit | Marilyn Sonneveld | Emilie van Spronsen | Isabelle Tellie | Maria Wostmann

Generation ’16 by MOAM

When: February 3, 18:00 – 21:00
Where: De School, Dr. Jan van Breemenstraat 1
More info: Facebook event

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