Theatrical incarnation of bestseller Ventoux in De Meervaart

Theatrical incarnation of bestseller Ventoux in De Meervaart

Jan 9, 2016 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Over thirty years ago, in 1982, Bart (Chris Tates) graduated high school and celebrated together with his friends (René van Zinnicq Bergmann, Cees Geel and Dennis Rudge) by imitating their heroes and conquering the Mont Ventoux, one of the hardest and most treacherous of trajectories during the Tour de France.

Now, old memories cloud his mind as he reconnects with his old buddies and decides to go back – older, less fit, but hardly any the wiser. Recollections of intense passion, friends’ betrayal and the death of a fifth member of the group return with a vengeance.

George van Houts stages an honest portrait of the four men that defies the image the media bestowed on Bert Wagendorp’s novel as a light summer read; themes of male friendship, guilt and getting older take pole position.


When: January 21
Where: De Meervaart
Tickets: From €14,-
More info: De Meervaart website

Picture by Raymond van Olphen.

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