New winter collection available from Laauw

New winter collection available from Laauw

Jan 6, 2016 |  by  |  Fashion, Lifestyle
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Stay warm this winter with the new casual-chic collection from Laauw, a new-to-the-scene lifestyle brand. They’re inspired by forgotten influences and Scandinavian simplicity to bring the retro back. I had a chance to sit down for a coffee with one of the founders of Laauw, Rob Ravenstein and discover about their journey so far into the fast growing trend of unisex fashion.

The majority of the collection is made with the warmth of grandma in mind, the heater at 25 and the delicious smells of her cooking.

The founding three entrepreneurs take on an original approach in putting together their collections. Whilst keeping the ethos of maintaining an ‘easy lifestyle’, they take a series of steps: 1. Find a city that forms the base inspiration (in the case of their first Summer and Winter collection, it’s been our very own Amsterdam). 2. Create products, whether it’s the iconic wooden sunglasses from their summer collection, or the scarfs, beanies or leather totes from their latest. 3. Then bring in the retro influences; the prints and the not-so-usual material choices.

The boys don’t come from a fashion design background and that may very well be where their practical approach comes from in creating easy to wear, stylish accessories. “It’s all about innovation on well loved products”. The winter collection re-purposes jogging-pant material for hats and scarfs, “That material fits the easy going attitude”, its comfortable, super warm and chic.

“It’s a passion project, definitely, as we still do it alongside day jobs.” They hope this will change as the company grows. Even between their first and second collection they’ve seen professionalism and success develop. There are so many awesome cities out there to inspire their next collections; limitless opportunities! For now though, we can scoop up our very own Laauw pieces from a number of concept stores all over Amsterdam, like Thrift Shop, and of course their website.

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