Worth Your Dam Hangover: Christmas and New Year's Eve

Worth Your Dam Hangover: Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Dec 24, 2015 |  by  |  Event
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Born and raised in Amsterdam, lives to dance and dances to live on electronic music, has a small vinyl addiction, appreciates a little sarcasm now and then, thinks musicals are annoying and loves those moments where you lose track of time completely.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But if I’m completely honest I don’t really like the forced coziness of the holidays. Luckily for me there are plenty of parties where I can let loose afterwards. What are the holidays without some dancing and champagne? And vodka? So here’s where you party people should go to this Christmas and New Year’s Eve, to properly start the new year with a hangover.

December 26: Horizon @ Canvasopde7e

If you can’t wait a minute longer after all the family stuff you can go and dance your ass off at Horizon in Canvas on the second day of Christmas. Horizon has been my personal fixer-upper for amazing music for a long time. This time they invited Daniele Baldelli to bring his Italo disco. He has been a resident at Cosmic Disco, an infamous club in Italy, since 1979. Horizon resident and Amsterdam’s finest Reza Athar is playing as well. Bottoms up!

December 27: LET @ Closure

Three artists, three hour sets, three hours of extra party time. Three is definitely the lucky number on the third day of Christmas. LET had invited Running Back head honcho Gerd Janson, king of dub techno Kenneth Christiansen and their own resident Carlos Valdes to play. The fact that they all have three hours to play gives them the opportunity to really tell a story, and I love that. There’s nowhere else I want to get naughty than this holy celebration. I know I won’t leave Closure before 8am.


December 27: F*CK NYE @ Het Sieraad

“New Year’s Eve, one of the biggest cliches of the year. Insane hype, ridiculous prices, hopeless resolutions.” Couldn’t agree with Next Monday’s Hangover more. That’s why they’ve created this lovely annual tradition of defying traditions, to F*UCK NYE. Jennifer Cardini, Rampue, Nuno Dos Santos b2b Patrice Bäumel, Weval, Satori, Mattheis b2b Obermann, Some Chemistry, Pieter Jansen and UNISOL will provide you with music on this gateway between Christmas and the 31st. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? ☾

December 31: Plan B @ Volkshotel

If you’re into serious partying on New Year’s Eve I’m sure you’ve planned your entire night months already ago by buying tickets for Reaktor, MyHouse or /K+Peren. If you’re anything like me you don’t like the hype, the pressure to have the best night of the year and find it hard to make a decision. Luckily there’s Plan B at Doka and Werkplaats in Volkshotel. The New Year’s Eve party for latecomers, friends without Christmas bonuses, anti-planners, fun dropouts, hopeless singles, cozy stingy people, poor beggars and outcasts without party tickets. No expectations, no tickets, no cleaning up, no disappointments, no Home Alone, no bullshit.


January 1: LAST TIME TO DANCE @ Studio 80

Last month Amsterdam had to deal with terrible and unexpected news. Studio 80 has to close its doors as we know it in January. The new team behind the club really brought it back to life last year and had one of the most interesting line-ups of the city, so with its closing something special will be lost. The only thing left to do? Celebrate as if there’s no tomorrow, one last time. Together with Get On Down, the queer minder party in Studio 80 that always delivers an amazing vibe, Studio 80 is giving us a last chance to dance on January first. With Andy Butler, Bambounou, Casper Tielrooij, De Dupe, Dollkraut, Lupe, Mayo, Nick Höppner, Robert Bergman, Titia and Victor Coral on the bill, this will be one for the books.


January 1: Breakfast Club @ Oldschool Amsterdam

Breakfast Club is an infamous concept in our town. Start partying early (or just keep on partying if you were dancing the night away somewhere else) with breakfast, and then keep partying the rest of the day. On January first the music will be nothing other than amazing. Both Mike Servito and Helena Hauff blew me away during previous LET parties and I can recommend anyone to go and check them out. Mike is the king of acid and Helena of dark and twisted punk techno. XDB, Eli Verveine, Ivano Tetelepta and the BFC residents are on the bill as well. What more could you want?

January 1: Is Burning @ Humberweg

After Christmas, with all the amazing food and alcohol, burning off some calories would be a good idea. Calories are not the only thing that will burn on the 1st of January, the dance floor will be set on fire as well (metaphorically speaking of course). Is Burning is sold out every damn time, and for a reason. This gay but straight-friendly party, organised by Carlos Valdes and Sandrien, has one of the best vibes in town. I couldn’t imagine a better way to start the new year.


January 3: Opening Night @ De School

Last but not least; De School is opening its doors on January 3rd. Some of the same people behind Trouw are responsible for this new project in the west of Amsterdam. Trying to buy tickets reminded me of the last month of Trouw: total chaos and stress. Those who refreshed on the right moment were lucky, but a lot of people weren’t. To say De School is already a hype would be an understatement. They sure do have a lot to live up to and I can’t wait to go check it out for myself. The line-up is still a secret but if the program of January and February are any indication it’s going to be pretty good.


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