Boom Chicago lets you try to Escape Through Time

Boom Chicago lets you try to Escape Through Time

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Our team was ready. No need for inspirational speeches, we were psyched! We received our first mission pack in a nearby bar, so the adrenaline (and beer) was flowing. We searched for the secret location, entered the threshold and the doors locked behind us. Trapped and clueless. Someone opened a briefcase, another peeked behind a painting. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door…

Thrilling but fun, exciting and generally awesome? Or does it simply suck to pay to be locked up?

Escape room games lock players in a room where they must seek clues and solve puzzles tied to a story or theme to escape before time runs out. They’re basically a real life version of the famous Cluedo board game, or rather the ridiculous riddles you have to solve in the seemingly pointless point-and-click adventure video games from the ’90s, like Monkey Island. And thus thrilling but fun, exciting and generally awesome? Or does it simply suck to pay be locked up?

Escape Through Time

We all know the people behind Boom Chicago from their hilarious takes on Dutch language, customs and culture. They recently opened up an escape room, and it wouldn’t be Boom Chicago without taking it to the next level. But who would become our hero? Talking about their fears, brains and Houdini skills are: Mark, Daniella, Ridzert, Sabrina and myself (J).

First impressions?

J: “I’ve nothing to compare it to, but it was great having the mission ‘begin’ in the bar beforehand.”
R: “Which is my local too!”
D: “Yeah, to meet over a beer in the suggested spot, and to get our mission pack, was good to get us into the problem solving mood!”
M: “The front doors were intriguing, it was good from the start”
J: “From the start in the bar, unlocking the password together; we got worked up solving puzzles!”
D: “The time travel aspect to the story really drew us in. A good story line is crucial.”

Was it challenging?

S: “I like that the puzzle seemed to get harder, more challenging with each ‘level’.
M: “That first challenge was pretty hard…”
S: “Well, I’m still in the mindset – keep looking for clues everywhere!”
M: “The story became a little flimsy though. It was all about one thing [the painting], but then it became about something totally different.”
D: “No, the story line deliberately took unexpected turns.”
J: “In the end it all made sense… we were pretty much wizards. We were record breakers on particular puzzles.”
M: “I’d never been to one of these before… but it was super cool!”

Any highlights?

M: “My highlight was when Daniella and Sabrina nearly peed themselves. That was pretty funny.”
D: “I really liked the actual time travel bit; they did a good job of making you really feel a shift.”
J: “Which was good to get into the vibe, especially with the whole idea of confronting a particular time in history.”
D: “It was really challenging, we had to think pretty laterally at times – but we could do it. Finish it , and that was a good ego boost for us!”
M: “Yeah, that made us feel pretty smart.”
D: “We were fast too! Even broke a time record.”
J: “Just like in a really difficult computer game, and I’ve played A LOT of those. It was just one big puzzle.
S: “It felt professional.”
D: “To me it felt like a real life crossword puzzle mixed with an immersive theater piece. Right up my alley!”

Final thoughts?

S: “If I could have changed something in WWII, it would have been to kill Goebbels, rather than what we did in the game.” [to a no-named German spy]
R: “Goebbels just had bad friends…”
S: “I wouldn’t have saved just a f***ing painting, either, I’d have saved the whole collection! – don’t hate the player, hate the game.”
M: “I could have done it alone.”
D: “… I definitely couldn’t have! I needed all the different ways your minds worked! I’d still be stuck in that room if I was by myself.”
J: “Well, if we can escape this, we can escape ISIS.”
D: “It’s something different to do – refreshing!”
J: “We’re looking forward to the next one!”
R: “I reckon we’ll become escape room experts.”
M: “I was disappointed that there was no hidden key in a book. That would have been awesome.”
S: “My favorite bits were the surprises…”
Everyone in unison: “Clearly we’re all really big fans of David Hasselhoff!”

Feel inspired? Think you can beat our time? We dare you to give it a try! They offered us a special deal; you get some serious discount in December and January, up to €30,- per room! If you send them an email on and use the promo code Christmas Gift, their price will only be €99,- with four or five people, €79,- for three or €69,- for 2.

Escape Through Time

When: Wednesday-Sunday 16:00-22:00
Where: Onder de Ooievaar, Utrechtsestraat 119
Entrance: From €69,-
More info: Website

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