Kompakt is showcasing the best of the best at De Marktkantine

Kompakt is showcasing the best of the best at De Marktkantine

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If there’s one combination that is a match made in heaven it’s De Marktkantine and Kompakt. After a slow start the venue has been on fire lately and is selling out night after night. They’re launching a new concept this Saturday called Focus, where a different label will host a party each night. On the first edition, this Saturday, it’s Kompakt’s turn.


Kompakt is one of Germany’s most popular labels right now, that’s for sure. They give us that perfect mix of minimalism, melody and melancholy that we love so much. Kompakt started as a small techno record store in Cologne called Delirium. What makes it a unique label is that it’s being completely run by artists instead of people with a management background. We guess the concept worked, because Kompakt has over 144 artists signed as we speak.


Micheal Mayer

Micheal Mayer is one of the founders of Kompakt and he’s one of the artists playing at Focus this Saturday. He could easily be called one of Germany’s core celebrities in dance music, and his fame goes way beyond the boarders of Germany. It’s no secret that he spends his weekends traveling around the globe. It’s likely he’s played in front of millions throughout his career, adding a couple more this weekend at De Marktkantine. Have a listen to this set to get in the mood!

Kompakt has invited the best of the best to De Marktkantine to represent their sound this Saturday. Alongside head honcho Micheal, Dave DK, Weval and Saschienne are playing the main room, with a brand new sound system from Pure Groove Systems. Sascha Funke, Dauwd and Malbetrieb are playing in the second room. This is going to be off the chain people.

Focus: Kompakt Night

When: December 12, 23:00
Where: Marktkantine, Jan van Galenstraat 6
Tickets: € 14,00 | Here
More info: Facebook event


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