ADE Absolut Nights and the future of nightlife

ADE Absolut Nights and the future of nightlife

Nov 19, 2015 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Last month the Amsterdam Dance Event dominated our city. With 80 participating venues, more than 2000 performing artists and over 4500 conference and 300.000 festival visitors from over 75 countries it’s safe to say that Amsterdam was the absolute center of the global dance industry during those five days.

We already told you about the Absolut Nights ADE program, and we do hope you took our advice and checked out the event. As a creative force in nightlife, Absolut invited some of the industry’s leading sound, visual, and experience artists, to give people a look into the world where creativity and nightlife come together. Going out is so much more than just music; the perfect night tickles all your senses.

Sound, lights and visuals are all part of the total experience that goes beyond the physical.

That’s exactly why Absolut Vodka and ADE collaborated for the first time, fueled by the same ambition: pushing the boundaries of nightlife. On October 17 Absolut invited ADE guests to the Tobacco Theater, and provided them with a platform to shape the future of nightlife.

Absolut ADE

The day program featured presentations by Mr. Beam, who spoke about visual storytelling, and DJs like Dr. Lektroluv. During a panel discussion Mr. Beam, Kazim Rashid, We Make VR and Ralph Lawson spoke about how we can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. What followed was an interactive workshop by Werc Collective: by 3D-scanning the audience, they were able to incorporate the portraits and shapes in their visual show at night. They collaborated with Benny Rodrigues to mix the visuals and sound to create an epic night, fueled with some killer cocktails. Absolut also showcased its latest limited edition: Absolut Electrik.

Have a look at the after movie of the Absolut Nights event:

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