Welcome To The Future's indoor festival makes up for lost summer

Welcome To The Future’s indoor festival makes up for lost summer

Nov 4, 2015 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Welcome To The Future is one of our favorite festivals. We were so sad when it had to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions this year. A hard decision for the organisation that was out of their hands. It turned out to be a wise one because the weather was madness that day, and by cancelling a lot of accidents were prevented.

Luckily for us there’s a second WTTF round this year, as they return with their first two-day indoor festival in Elementenstraat next week. The line-up consists of a perfect mixture of big, small, international and local talent that makes up for the lost summer in style. We all know that the international artists on the bill such as Baikal, Extrawelt, Gabriel Ananda, Abdulla Rashim, Sebo K and Vril are amazing. Let us highlight some of the Dutch artists that you might not know yet that will perform for you.

Alex Salvador

Alex Salvador is playing at the Amsterdam stage on Sunday. This guy is no a stranger for those who love modern house music. Alex grew up in his father’s studio so it was pretty obvious his career would be in music as well, being inspired by his family at such a young age. Did you know that his label Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! (that will turn six in December) is a continuation of his fathers TINK! Records? His record collection is impressive, him being a true collector, and that’s something you can hear in his sets.

JP Enfant

LET resident JP Enfant has been on a roll lately. His Dreaming Backwards EP, the first release on LET Recordings, is being played by impressive artists such as RØDHÅD. His dark, futuristic, apocalyptic and slightly melancholic yet danceable techno has become a recognizable sound through Amsterdam and beyond. After an all-nighter in Closure, gigs at Awakenings and Mysteryland you know this guy is going places. He made an exclusive vinyl release for Nachtiville (Nachtdigital’s brother) as well. Catch him on the Techno stage on Saturday.


UNISOL is taking the underground by storm. They categorize themselves as making after-hours stuff, which should give you an idea. We’ve seen these guys perform in places such as Cruquiusgilde, Ruigoord, Studio 80, Closure and intimate smaller festivals such as Troupe. It seems as if their sets improve every time we hear them. Have a listen to the recording of their set at Troupe and you’ll realize, just like we did, that you’ll hear more and more from these guys in the future. Mark our words and check them out at the Amsterdam stage on Saturday.

Nathan Surreal

Nathan Surreal is another example of a local artist that’s going places. There’s a big chance that you’ve seen him play at [IN]COGNITO, Liefhebbers or Kaap A’dam, where he’s a resident. He curates the new party Kommune as well. For their next edition he invited Route 8 to play a live set in Amsterdam for the first time. That’s simply proof of a damn good taste. Nathan tries to avoid the obvious, search for the unexpected and create a provocative illusion with his music. That’s exactly the stuff we like! He’s playing at the Amsterdam stage on Saturday as well. Don’t miss out on thus one!

&ME, Adam Port, Awanto3, Baikal, Beesmunt Soundsystem, Boris Werner, Boye, Bram Fidder, Chymera,Daan Groeneveld, De Sluwe Vos, Doka, Dominik Eulberg, Elias Mazian, Frits Wentink, Interstellar Funk, Jaimer Vincentie, Joran van Pol, Joris Voorn, Juan Sanchez, KiNK, Kölsch, Luigi Madonna, Maarten Mittendorff & Jasper Wolff, Melon, Mirella Kroes, Nick Curly, Nino&Frankie, Olaf Stuut, Paul Cairo, Paul Ritch, Pieter Jansen, Robin Kampschoer, Roman Coskun, Sandrien, Satori, Some Chemistry, Spaceandtime and Tsepo are on the bill as well. Say what?!


When: November 14-15, 12:00
Where: Elementenstraat 25
Entrance: Saturday sold out | Sunday regular €32,50 | Sunday late €37,50
More info: Facebook event


Text by Chloë Arkenbout.

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