Romance is all we need with Giselle

Romance is all we need with Giselle

Nov 2, 2015 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Romance is like magical fairy dust; it makes everything so much more wonderful than it actually is. And it just so happens I’m a sucker for romance. Not that cheesy blockbuster romance, but the pure and deep kind of romance. Maybe it all started when I was four years old and visited the Nutcracker ballet. I tried to learn the moves but since I am a bit clumsy, and really impatient, this didn’t work out very well.

Hamlet of the dance

Watching Giselle at the always gorgeous Stopera, all I felt was that particular kind of romance, nothing cheesy at all. I almost cried, which by itself says enough. One could argue that that is normal for a romance lover, but it isn’t for me. Being accompanied by music composed by Adolphe Adam made it even more special.

This ballet is widely known as the ‘Hamlet of the dance’, and after many interpretations since its premiere in 1841 it’s now the Dutch National Ballet’s turn. So to all you romantic people, please go and watch this beautiful ballet. Be careful though, don’t let them steal your heart…


When: Until November 14
Where: Stopera, Amstel 3
Tickets: From €19,-
More info: Website

Photo by Angela Sterling.

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