Ethics and aesthetics at Strawberry Earth Fair

Ethics and aesthetics at Strawberry Earth Fair

Oct 20, 2015 |  by  |  Art, Event, Lifestyle
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Not coincidentally, the National Day of Sustainability, October 9, fell on the opening day of Strawberry Earth’s fair. A coming together of the academy’s most eco-conscious developers of innovation at Roest. They’re paving the way in product design that’s not just sustainable, but super creative and pretty damn sexy looking.

Daan Roosegaarde, top dog and founder of Studio Roosegaarde (who has brought us such innovations as The Smog Free Project), announced the winners of the Strawberry Earth’s grant: Studio Eric Klarenbeek. Klarenbeeks 3D Bakery will receive a cushty €15.000,- to develop their idea. Can you believe – they’ve developed natural 3D printing filaments from potatoes, cocoa shells and coffee grounds, instead of the toxic and wasteful use of oil based plastic that are normally used. Game changing!

All participants at the fair are developing materials and ‘products learnt from nature, to hint toward an energy neutral world’. In many ways, they’re ‘modern hippies’, inventors with an incredible amount of love for the planet.

The idea is to think circularly – Waste for one can be food for another.

The vibe in the disused tram depot turned exhibition venue buzzed with an excitable energy from the academy’s ‘Class of ‘15‘. Stalls lined the walls, and everything was basked in a warmness from strings of fairy lights above and music that filled the air.

The fair served as a launch pad for projects such as reWrap, and Moxhi , who design sustainable bags, Original Beans who redefine ‘fair-trade chocolate’ and a circular Forest by Arco and Weltevree. There were fashion labels, cosmetic ventures and even We Smell The Rain, who bring the outdoors in.

These pioneers truly love what they make and care, just as much, how it’s made.

And to really assert of the success of Strawberry Earth Fair, it was was topped off each night with dancing into the wee hours at Roest Cafe. Truly Amsterdam styling. Keep your eyes out for the many of events Strawberry Fair host.

Strawberry Earth, ‘Always green, never grumpy’.

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