Foreign speakers, get comfortable with Dutch theater thanks to TGA

Foreign speakers, get comfortable with Dutch theater thanks to TGA

Oct 4, 2015 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Having lived in London to study theater producing, Senne now selects the tastiest performances across Amsterdam and serves up the fine theatrical dishes this city has to offer.

Theater in the Netherlands naturally happens in Dutch most of the time, and I do realize that when writing about shows in English I often only serve Dutch speakers after all. Yet there are exceptions, and of them is Toneelgroep Amsterdam (TGA), this country’s internationally famous ensemble theater troupe that keeps churning out grand and imaginative versions of texts old and new, doing so with a constantly changing cast of great stage actors. TGA has decided it’s time for inclusion, and invites non-Dutch speakers for a day-long program for international audiences on 18 October.

Built around their production of Medea (pictured above), which is included in the ticket price, it will be equally informative and playful as light is shed on Dutch theater practice, its history and the play itself.

The program

12:30 – A brief history of Dutch theater – with actor Aus Greidanus Jr. | Do’s and Don’ts of visiting the theater | Introduction to Medea
14:00 – Lunch (included in your ticket)
16:00 – Medea (click here for more information about the play)
17:20 – Ends

In this context it might also be interesting to learn that every Thursday, whatever show is on is surtitled (the English appearing above the stage not below, hence sur). Click here for more about that. And while I’m busy linking anyway, check the 2015/2016 brochure in English here.

Special Program for International Audiences

When: Sunday October 18
Where: Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
Tickets: €48,-
More info: TGA website

Cover photo by Sanne Peper.

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