Dust and Guitars: Rigna Folk at Sugarfactory

Dust and Guitars: Rigna Folk at Sugarfactory

Sep 24, 2015 |  by  |  Event, Music
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You know how a band can be a bit disappointing on stage, after loving them through your headphones for quite some time. MGMT and Vampire Weekend are just a few recent examples. Some bands are simply made to perform though. Take this an ambient rock band from Germany, for instance, which is a prime example.

Rigna Folk is a band that manages to seemliness bridge the gap between dreamy rock and some solid guitar riffs. Their sound resembles something between dEUS with a darker edge and Rammstein on love drugs. Or, in their own words:

Expressive like Sigur Rós, metaphorical like Pink Floyd and keen on experimenting like Radiohead these four musicians merge elements of epic post rock, carrying instrumentals and a breath of electronica.

Sounds promising, right? The band delivers a musical dream which captivates you between cozy sounds and profound audio experiences. Staying close to their roots, some of the lyrics are in German. Makes sense. Apart from a few words I really have no clue what they’re singing about though. But it sounds more that good, and that’s what counts. Coincidentally, the local support act is named Unbekannt, German for unknown.

Many reviews rate Rigna Folk as a band that can create a good atmosphere with live performances in a diversity of spaces, from private homes to festival stages. However, I can imagine it fits way better in an intimate venue than a stadium. The Sugarfactory seems like the perfect setting for them, so we suggest you go and check them out! Hopefully they do realize a parallel universe.

Rigna Folk

When: September 28
Where: Sugarfactory,
Entrance: €5,-
More info: Website & Facebook event

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