Getting salty at ZeeZout Festival

Getting salty at ZeeZout Festival

Aug 25, 2015 |  by  |  Event, Music
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When I heard the ZeeZout team planned their first festival, I felt like I was with my butt in the sea. Not for real of course, but sometimes it’s allowed to make bad jokes, just because you have a good reason to be happy.


My first experience with ZeeZout was during a party in 2013 where they teamed up with Next Monday’s Hangover: The Life Aquatic with ZeeZout. Maybe it was the connection with the ocean but from that day on I knew, ZeeZout is hot. Another great memory I have is from last year during ZeeZout at the Beach, with my favorites Ben Ufo b2b Joy Orbison. And of course a few months ago when mastermind DJ Harvey stood behind the decks. Epic.

While you’re still laughing about my sandy ass, I’ll give you some hardcore theories about sea salt, you should really know this before you enter the land of sea salt.

1. Sea salt removes all your dirty secrets, especially when you drink red wine
2. It makes drinking tequila way more easy.

All thee tips and tricks I have experienced myself. I’m really clumsy, so it’s never an exception that I leave the restaurant with some red marks on my shirt and pants.

OK stop, this is bullshit, forget the sea salt. You’re coming for ZeeZout, that’s less salty for your heart. However, me and my salty ass will be dancing on Prins Thomas, Antal, Bicep and Omar S for sure. I remember one evening in Trouw Amsterdam with Prins Thomas and Gerd Janson, this was hardcore soul flirting. Let’s hope for the same, and more, at the first ZeeZout festival.

ZeeZout Festival

When: September 5, 12:00-23:00
Where: Diemerbos
Tickets: €34,50
More info: Facebook event

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