10 years of summer love with VOLTT

10 years of summer love with VOLTT

Aug 19, 2015 |  by  |  Event, Music
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It’s time to get sweaty again and dance like there’s no tomorrow. All because it’s VOLTT’s ten-year anniversary this year! Jump, fly and dance with me on Axel Boman, Margaret Dygas, Bart Skils, and superhero Mano le Tough. Like you probably already know, VOLTT is my crush. My dancing love affair. We only met for five years now, but it feels like forever. But why am I in love? That is the big question. I spoke with ‘heart breaker’ Bart Skils about VOLTT.

We talked about the differences between VOLTT ten years ago and how everything works out today. For example, one of the biggest issues back then was getting a beer machine, but nowadays that’s just like washing your hands. I was surprised to hear that they work with just the four of them. Bart’s responsible for the line-up. This job suits him really well, because you can visit VOLTT blindly and the music is always good. I asked him if they have some special secret, but he answered humbly; “I browse trough my playlist and we try to book those artists. Music is the most important factor of the whole festival. I work with music all day every day, so yes, you could say that’s my passion.”

The people make VOLTT.

What are your favorites for this edition?
“I’m really excited about Scuba, Steve O’Sullivan, Adam Beyer, and of course Mano Le Tough. You should keep an eye on the newcomers at the V-Stage as well, but especially Objekt and Funkineven. If I was visiting myself I’d check out the main stage. We start the day with some easy beats and work it up to some heavier sounds by Adam Beyer.”

With this anniversary we all expected a special line-up. I guess that worked out. Though I’m my not the biggest Adam Beyer fan myself he really suits this anniversary being a VOLTT resident and musical partner of Bart Skils. But Mano… can’t wait for him! I still remember that special moment at Trouw last December. It felt like I was dying but he gave the audience so much love and energy, so I just kept dancing. Despite the huge hangover, it was all worth it.

My most special VOLTT moment was in 2010, a bit cliché but it was my very first festival, ever. I had never experienced this type of music, so I was really open-minded about the whole thing. Everything turned out well. Despite the fact that I felt like a baby in a crowd, it was the best day ever. Why? Because I felt the love for music everywhere. Bart’s special moment turned out to be somewhat different: “Richie Hawtin was playing in 2012 while it was raining like crazy. Of course we were afraid that people might leave the stage, but instead everyone stayed. This was really special, for Richie Hawtin as well.”

Do you have any dreams for the future?
“For me it’s most important to work with music, so it doesn’t really matter if we are small of big. We just want to share our passion with people who love music as well. We’re really happy with how things are right now.”

I was wondering if they have plans of going abroad, and I really liked the answer. Different than other organizations (like DGTL and Dekmantel) they want to stay in Amsterdam; “The NDSM wharf suits VOLTT really well and the visitors are a major part of that good vibe.”

This is really refreshing and suits my own mindset. Getting bigger doesn’t always mean that it will be better and makes you a happier person. What can I say, VOLTT is a festival made by the purest of music lovers, who want to share their passion. You can feel this in every single detail. I guess that’s where my love for VOLTT comes from, the shared passion for music is endless. Thumps up for VOLTT!

Thank you Bart! What can I say, I’m hooked forever. And we live happily ever after.


When: August 29, 11:00-23:00
Where: NDSM wharf
Tickets: €42,50
More info: Website & Facebook event

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