Get wet and stay dry with the Water Battle

Get wet and stay dry with the Water Battle

Aug 18, 2015 |  by  |  Event, Fashion
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Dust off your Super Soakers, cause it’s time for the biggest, wettest and wildest water fight of the year! Next Sunday, OneWorld and Water Battle Amsterdam will join forces with the Vondelpark as the battlefield of their choice. However, it’s not just for fun.

Fashion or philanthropy?

This event will kick off the Go Dry! Challenge, which is a call to action to ‘stay dry’ for a month and not buy any new clothing during that period. The reason? On average, we buy two to three new pieces a month. A lot of that clothing comes from countries in Asia and Africa, where clean water is scarce. With the water needed to produce one t-shirt, you can fill up 2.700 Super Soakers. This means that cutting back on our fashion spend can actually save lives!

To avoid the waste of any precious tap water we’ll use water from the pond in the park.

Making the world a better place has never been more fun. The stage will be set at the big pond with the fountain, in the middle of the park. To avoid the waste of precious tap water the pond will be used to fill up you water pistols or balloons. And don’t forget your swimwear!

Water Battle Amsterdam

When: August 23, 15:00
Where: Vondelpark, at the big pond with the fountain
More info: Facebook event

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