Video Friday: Body Art @ Tropenmuseum

Video Friday: Body Art @ Tropenmuseum

Jul 24, 2015 |  by  |  Art, Event, Fashion
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A sucker for a good story, Cathy is a writer, originally from London. As part of she reviews films and makes video reports on Amsterdam in English. She picks out the best of the lot especially for Overdose. Tweets @cathycentral

Video Friday is a a collaboration between and Broadcast Amsterdam to bring you regular reports by local film-makers and exclusive clips from the Broadcast Amsterdam TV shows.

Body Art @ Tropenmuseum

▶︎ Press play … because whether you already have a few tattoos or your limit of body art is a splash of lipstick, there’s plenty here to inspire and fascinate. And because you don’t have long to catch it — the exhibition ends on August 30.

Best quotes: “What is old school?” Cathy
“Like what the sailors used to have in the old days … bold outlines and bright colours” Beer (pictured above)

Body Art @ Tropenmusemm

Made by: Cathy Leung & Michael Zimmerman (filmmakers), Cathy Leung (presenter)
For: So Dam Local TV show
More info: Check their website

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