Volkshotel celebrates its first birthday

Volkshotel celebrates its first birthday

Jun 23, 2015 |  by  |  Event
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One year ago the Volkshotel opened its doors, although it seems like yesterday. This Saturday the hotel is celebrating its birthday by bringing back the best acts and events from the previous year. From 9am till 4am the entire building including Canvasopde7e, Werkplaats and Doka will be filled with culture in the broadest sense of the word. Oh and did I mention it’s free? Let me give you a few highlights of the program.

Get Brunch or die trying @ Canvas

Did you say Bloody Mary’s, lobster and amazing music for brunch? Hell yes. Canvas and 22tracks are bringing BBQ and TITIA & Saux together to create magic. Both TITIA and Saux are playing 22 tracks (surprise) that are perfect for waking up. I would suggest to start the birthday party right here before moving on to the rest of the program.


Verhaaltje voor de Dorst @ Badplaats

I love Verhaatje voor de Dorst. This platform provides you with erotic short stories that are awkward, hilarious and well written. I recommend this one where you learn that cheating isn’t cheating when there’s a pickle involved. It’s going to be a naughty birthday on Saturday, I can tell you that much, and those are the best birthdays.

Oedipus @ Canvas

Oedipus is one of my favorite beer breweries. When you call your brewery after a complex introduced by Freud, where men are attracted to their mother and see their father as a rival, you know the beer’s going to be good. Mama (Mom) and Mannen Liefde (Man Love) are a few examples of beer names and I love the artwork on the bottles. . Be sure to try one of their beers, it’s a celebration after all.


TonTon Club xs @ Houten zaal

I’ve had such a fun date once at TonTon Club in the city center of our lovely city (after that it didn’t work out but that’s besides the point right now). Give me beer and arcade games and you’ve made be very happy. I ended up with a kiss in a ball pool. I know, it sounds cliché, but cliché’s are cliché’s for a reason (even though saying this is a cliché as well). TonTon is bringing over some of their best games to the Volkshotel, and I’ll beat your ass in pinball so better bring your A game.

After party @ Canvas

What’s a birthday party without dancing? Canvas with it’s beautiful view will be the after party location. Philou Louzolo, Jules de la Courgette and Max Abysmal will perform. These are all local rock stars that will get your body moving. And there’s a VJ called Sparkly Unicorn, which sounds interesting.

Make sure to check the entire program. For example, there’s a market as well and Frank Festival, Amsterdam Fringe Festival and Lood are hidden in rooms through the hotel.

Volkshotel’s First Birthday

When: June 27, 09:00-04:00
Where: Volkshotel, Wibautstraat 150
Entrance: Free
More info: Facebook event


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