Guest of Honor: Axel Boman about his ass

Guest of Honor: Axel Boman about his ass

May 29, 2015 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Born and raised in Amsterdam, lives to dance and dances to live on electronic music, has a small vinyl addiction, appreciates a little sarcasm now and then, thinks musicals are annoying and loves those moments where you lose track of time completely.

Chances are big that you’ve heard Axel Boman’s Purple Drank in 2010, which was released on Pampa Records. After this things went fast. He released on Permanent Vacation, Moodmusic, Glass Table, Hypercolour, Tartelet and of course his own label Studio Barnhus. We had a quick chat with Axel about his ass and his gig in Canvasopde7e tonight.

Your ass comes back a lot in your biography on Resident Advisor, ‘because most of your life has been dedicated to moving just that body part’. How is it doing now?
“One of my life’s blessings was to be named after a part of the body, it’s an endless source of joy for everyone around me. And it’s not just my ass that gets attention; Axel means shoulder in Swedish and armpit in German.”

He gives an example of a track that he likes to play that’s good for moving ones ass:

How have you seen the scene change since your breakthrough in 2010?
“These days you have techno DJs playing bar-gigs in Stockholm. It was always disco before!”

You’re playing at Light House in Canvasopde7e today. The idea is that artists play outside their comfort zone and play stuff they normally would not play. Do you have any idea what you’re going to play yet?
“Maybe I’ll play straight techno! Haha…”

Do you like playing in Stockholm, your hometown, compared to other cities in the world?
“As closed Stockholm is with closing hours, alcohol laws and unfriendly pointers (even at bars, not just clubs), as open it is with music tolerance! You can get away with anything there, its really nice actually and quite different from other cities.”

You already have a label. What are your goals for the future?
“To make more labels!”

Light House

When: May 29, 22:00-04:00
Where: Canvasopde7e, Wibautstraat 150
Tickets: €10,-, here
More info: Facebook event

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