Two minutes of noise on Liberation Day

Two minutes of noise on Liberation Day

May 4, 2015 |  by  |  Event
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This isn´t my Sweet Diary or some way to express anger and frustrations. I don't write analyses so you can create a sharp opinion, and I definitely won´t explain some complicated subject. I don't expect you to get a laughter attack or get inspired to become the new Wubbo Ockels. I live a normal life and sometimes write stories. I don't know why either.

When our Night Mayor speaks, I’m all ears. While many residents are worried about Amsterdam becoming a nanny city, it’s Mirik Milan’s task to look after the sharp edges of the night. But he wasn’t just responsible for the introduction of the pleasant 24-hour licenses; social and political issues have a night mayor’s attention too.

Therefore, Milan fought for the rights of Amsterdam’s gay community last year. He requested cafés to not serve Russian vodka due Gay Pride, as a protest against the anti-gay laws in that country. This year, on Liberation Day, a new tradition will take place. A loud one. At festival Het Amsterdams Verbond Milan will kick off two minutes of noise for the sake of freedom.

Lawaai voor de vrijheid

At 8pm sharp the music stops and the crowd can cheer, jump, clap, rattle and stamp, to celebrate our national day of freedom. The night mayor asks all people to let themselves go wild those two minutes on the 5th of May, to emphasize the importance of freedom by night as a way for young programmers, photographers, artists, text writers and marketing talents to flourish. Milan:

The night is everyone’s. In the night you’re free to be yourself and to develop your talents. We should cherish that. The night takes care of our freedom: it’s a reason to celebrate.

And so, I will listen.

Het Amsterdams Verbond

Where: Sportpark de Eendracht, Bok de Korverweg 5
When: May 5, 20:00
Tickets: €29,50
More info: Website & Facebook event

Feature image by Esmay Wagemans (YellowTipi).

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