Dipping it low with a tutu on at Narnia

Dipping it low with a tutu on at Narnia

Apr 16, 2015 |  by  |  Art, Event
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That hip-hop and classical ballet are quite the opposite is not a surprise, but that they can work perfectly together is. In May and next fall you can visit one of the newest and most experimental productions of the National Dutch Ballet: Narnia, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Inspired by the almost childish movie about four children who discover a magic wardrobe. But this show definitely is not just for kids.

Drake meets Tchaikovsky

If you’re big fan of Drake, Tyga and some other hip-hop guru’s and you’re a sucker for mysterious fantasies, you must visit this heavenly but modern dance. Ballet isn’t as dusty as you might think anymore. And with productions like these they show the world that two outsiders definitely can work together. See this as an inspiration for your private life. Are you always trying the same things? Try (and visit) something else and dare to be different.

With that in mind, enjoy the battle between two different worlds, pulled off with different dance styles and some cool hip-hop beats. One thing I can say for sure: Beyoncé definitely can’t dance like they can.

Narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe

When: May 8-11 and fall 2015
Where: Muziektheater, Amstel 3
Tickets: From €5,- to €40,-
More info: Website & Facebook event

Photography by Petrovsky & Ramone.

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