Getting informal with Formel

Getting informal with Formel

Apr 2, 2015 |  by  |  Music
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Tom Noah and Bas van der Laken are two youngsters from Leiden who have been active as two-group since 2013 after they discovered their shared love for strong liquor. With releases on Daniel Sanchez’ BLA BLA, Burlesque and their second release on Einmusika just now and touring with the Pleinvrees parties, these newcomers are set for great things. We spoke with them about their whereabouts, influences and yes, alcoholic beverages.

Hi guys, very nice to meet you and thank you for taking the time to have a chat with us. Where in the world are you right now and what are you working on at the moment?
“We’re in Val Thorens at the moment. This week we’re playing some gigs at the 360 Bar, on Doorgedraaid Sneeuwfestival. Next week we’ll back in the studio, and we will be finishing some tracks for the summer!”

You’ve both been active as solo artists as well, how did you two meet and decide to start working as a duo?
“We met backstage at on of our gigs in Leiden, and we both noticed we had strong passion for strong alcoholic beverages. While drinking we decided we should try to make some music together. At the time it seemed like a good idea.”

We know that you both played and produced different genres at the time. How did you manage to find common ground and come forward with the sound you have now?
“Although the sounds we played and produced we’re very much different, the fundamentals are quite the same. We both like a strong groove with a decent layer of melodic sounds on top.”

Congratulations on your earlier releases on Burlesque, BLA BLA and this one. How did you get on Einmusika’s radar?
“In 2010 we started working on our sound and decided to make an album. It took us a couple of years, but got us to a point where we know how we best work together. Although that sound is different from what we make nowadays we were excited about the result and decided to send it to various labels. Einmusik was one of the guys who showed interest in our sound and encouraged us to send some more music.”

What do you have in store for us the coming months?
“There’s a track coming up on Traum (Tour de Traum) in June. A new EP with three tracks on Save Room from Kruse & Nurnberg in July, three tracks on Dialtone Records and of course our EP on Einmusika Recordings.”

How do you work? Do you go into the studio with a full pre-set idea for a track or do you play around until you find the right vibe and develop an idea around it on the spot?
“Usually we go into the studio and make a decision if we make a more laid-back track or a more dance floor oriented tune. Sometimes a dance floor track turns in to a laid-back track or the other way around. There’s never a prefixed idea.”

If you could choose an artist to collaborate with on a track, who would it be?
“There are lots of artists that inspired us and we think would be cool to work with. Most of them not tied to the house or techno genre. Do you want a full list?”


Yeah definitely
“Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Wilco, Dave Matthews, 16 Bit Lolitas, David Gilmore, and Ray Charles, for example. Not satisfied? Miles Davis, Guy Gerber, Otis Redding, James Brown, Fat Freddy’s Drop, De Staat, Typhoon, Einmusik, Giorgo Moroder, David Douglas and many, many more.”

Which of your own tracks is your personal favourite and why?
“Ojo. It has a horrible piano sound that makes the entire track fugly.”

How do you go about in selecting tracks as a duo? Do you have disagreement whether or not a track suits a set?
“Tom mostly picks the tracks for the DJ sets and Bas agrees most of the time and if we don’t we find a way to make it work. For live sets we target our music towards the gig and decide together what works best.”

What would you prefer, playing the ULTRA main stage or Berlin’s Berghain?
“We prefer the ULTRA main stage so we can play a pre-compiled mix and entertain our passion for strong liquor.”

Hahaha, we’ll keep hou to that! Do you have embarrassing stories about each other?
“If you really want to know, contact our local police station.”

Maybe next time… Thanks guys!

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