King supports national dance culture on his birthday

King supports national dance culture on his birthday

Apr 1, 2015 |  by  |  Event, Music
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As dance culture is becoming a larger industry every year in the Netherlands, a royal decree has been leaked which notes that King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima will be taking up an active role in promoting our national events. We already knew our king is a big fan of Armin van Buuren, but this news is seriously off the charts…


Starting this King’s Day, in addition to their usual visit to one of our country’s cities, the royal couple will attend a number of dance events in the capital. So far, only one event has been named in the decree: the E25 Open House in the raw Warehouse Elementenstraat. The club comments that they will be fully prepared for the visit: “Yes, we’ve been approached as a possible location for a visit of the royal couple. We can’t say much else yet, except that they’re going to be in for something very special.” Other organisations have yet to be named, we’ll keep you posted as more info becomes available!

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