Sugarfactory celebrates ten years and is still going strong

Sugarfactory celebrates ten years and is still going strong

Mar 26, 2015 |  by  |  Event, Music
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After moving back here in 2005 the Sugarfactory was in fact the first club I entered. It was a Thursday night and Vreemd (with Carlos Valdes) was the place to be. Sugarfactory is a very laid-back club, with real people and real music, and that’s probably the basis of their their ten-year success. That’s right, this week the Sugarfactory celebrates its anniversary, throwing ten years of party time into a ten-day jam-packed programme to celebrate this milestone. Covering the entire agenda is nigh impossible, so cherry-picking it is!

Starting today at midnight

We’re kicking off with Project Sugar for a night of deep, grooving, underground techhouse beats brought to you by residents Stefan Kuipers and Thara Bergen & Ceze, topped off with Anton Pieete b2b Kabale und Liebe. Yeah, let’s start off the celebrations with a banger. Following Project Sugar tomorrow is LOBI, for old school R&B hip-hop favourites brought to you by residents Walter Looks and Danny Double.


Saturday 28th is reserved for hypnotizing bass beats and garage sounds with Bok Bok, Presk and Audio Culture. And Sundays at Sugarfactory are of course synonymous with Wicked Jazz Sounds who will also close the ten-year celebrations with a double edition on April 5th.


Kuma takes over the stage on Monday 30th for deephouse and italo with San Proper, Workman and Kaj de Vries. Followed by the six-year anniversary of Techno Tuesday on the 31st. Wednesday night is taken over by hip-hop and disco lovin’ Night Shift, and Thursday the Night Owls return with residents Rancido and John Agesilas and a special South African mystery guest.


Friday April 3rd it’s time for Het Partyfeest for all those naughty hits and guilty pleasures we love to hear. Saturday 4th Excess The Movement will take the stage and Sunday sees the return of the beloved Wicked Jazz Sounds.

Of course the Sugarfactory is known for a lot more than nightlife but also for its live music concerts and its avant garde expositions, theater performances and light shows. With Subbacultcha!, the Dance Academy Tilburg, and everything else on the bill, there’s sure to be something for everybody. Join in the celebrations and enjoy the Sugarfactory for what it is. I know I will, Project Sugar here I come!

Be sure to check Sugarfactory agenda for the full program!

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