IZTOK gives you a hippie vibe with a Dutch twist

IZTOK gives you a hippie vibe with a Dutch twist

Mar 23, 2015 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Hardly any rules or regulations, support by local grannies, five days of non-stop pleasure and a festival in the town centre. This summer the lovely Bulgarian town of Troyan will be taken over by nine Dutch hosting parties: Cartel Amsterdam, Les Enfants Terribles, SlapFunk Records, Triphouse Rotterdam, New Dutch School, PRISMA, Tomorrow Is Now Kid!, MOOD, and Kaap A’dam.

A lot has been said and written about IZTOK Festival, so we’re not going down that road. Instead we focus on three of the upcoming organisations from Amsterdam.


Studio 80’s emo-electronica night describes itself quite specific: “PRISMA is futuristic, complex, artistic, idiosyncratic, triangular and deeply mysterious, just like you are. PRISMA is Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon being performed live by Trentemøller on XTC he got from James Holden. PRISMA is basically music from the future.” Is there more to say? Probably, but we couldn’t do any better. PRISMA has already built up a good record the past few years.

A killer night is always guaranteed, with names like James Holden, Krink, Fairmont, Dauwd, Rone, N’to in the past, and Steffen Bennemann and Manamana lined up for this Friday. And let’s not forget main man Some Chemistry, who provides us with triangular craziness over and over again. Needless to say he’ll take that vibe to Bulgaria!

Kaap A’dam

Always an intimate vibe and a progressive choice of artists, that’s what you can expect of Kaap A’dam. They threw their first party last November and it was a blast. Maxi Mill, Tsepo, RodNonSonJon, Tim Hoeben and especially Call Super rocked the Cruquiusgilde!

For their next party, this weekend, they’ve invited the upcoming brilliant selector Reza Athar, Carlos Valdes and Massimiliano Pagliara. This is going to be one for the books, and it’s good to have them present in the summer. Or, as they state themselves: Kaap A’dam covers all quarters of the compass…


MOOD has been around since 2013, but it all started in 2009 with what was supposed to be an intimate park hangout for friends. BOOM Festival in the Westerpark was initiated by Jaime Frias and Saro Meijer, and culminated in a 24-hour illegal rave. The soft ground made the DJ booth shake and the local aerobics class didn’t quite expect that on Sunday morning.

Since then they’ve been organising several parties, and it seems Cruquiusgilde is the perfect venue for upcoming parties: MOOD’s party there, last January, was very well received! Hinode, Aleks, Jaime Frias, Mark Antoni and Joris Zwetsloot were on the bill for that one.

It’s an organization that has one prerogative: making people dance – hard. With MOOD you’re always in for a wild ride and a surprising line-up: they tend to book lesser-known artists like Hinode in January, and for their upcoming event they’ve invited XDB again. It’ll be interesting to see who they bring to IZTOK!

Iztok Festival 2015

When: July 22, 8:00 – July 26, 23:00
Where: Troyan, Bulgaria
Tickets: From €95,- here, request a code at your favourite hosting party on their Facebook page
More info: Website & Facebook event


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