Leadbelly immersive dining experience at Cannibale Royale

Leadbelly immersive dining experience at Cannibale Royale

Mar 19, 2015 |  by  |  Food, Spots
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Excited by adventuring, discovering and exploring everything. If like me, you’re curious and excited about new trends finding their way to Amsterdam- then read on.

In the spirit of pop-ups and utilising an existing space for something brand new and innovative, there’s a venture a-brewing for this coming Sunday: ‘Leadbelly’ is a feast for all five senses. Cannibale Royale night restaurant will open its doors for a lunchtime immersive dining experience with an American deep south-Voodoo theme.

A drinking and dining experience to capture your imagination and take you on a journey…to discover new flavours, sights and sounds in a brand new context.

I believe London’s food scene influences ours here in Amsterdam. London prides itself in innovative pop-ups and combining wildly different concepts into the same venture; the likes of merging cuisines (Peruvian Japanese), combining activities (cocktails and crazy golf) and just plain brilliant fusions of food and film (Secret Cinema).

In the few months I’ve called Amsterdam home, I’ve been fortunate to already witness new concepts come into being. Who better to introduce immersive dining to Amsterdam than Jules and Laura (the Firewater Society), just back into Mokum from London with pop-up success in their pockets and a whole host of new flavour combinations.

Southern soul food and Voodoo cocktails

With a focus on southern hospitality, the menu is ideal for sharing. Meats-a-plenty with the likes of ‘the whole hog’ (ribs, Cajun pulled pork and maple speck) and Beasts of the Bayou (think chicken, shrimp and spicy sausage stew). For the theatricals among us, try the disco shrimp!

There’s a menagerie of glass jars housing all colours of liquids, with fruits and herbs preserved along the back of the bar, as if potions or poisons. They are in fact, home made shrubs (drinking Vinegars) and bitters, which deliver intense flavours to cocktails. Look out for the strawberry and habanero shrub, as well as Absinthe flames and drinkable smoke. What to try? A concoction of coffee and tobacco liqueur, gold rum, sweet vermouth, liquorice and grand zombie Bitters in Baron Samedie.

Amidst the barbecue-perfumed air the sound of Louis Hall’s live juke-joint blues will serenade. Blues pairs perfectly with a cocktail (or four). Sundays are for feasting- and drinking and jiving, naturally.


When: March 22, 13:00-18:00
Where: Cannibale Royale, Handboogstraat 17
Reservations: Call +31 20 233 7160
More info: Facebook event

Photographs courtesy of David Costa.

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