Pop-up Paper Planes continues in Bar Italia

Pop-up Paper Planes continues in Bar Italia

Mar 11, 2015 |  by  |  Food, Spots
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Excited by adventuring, discovering and exploring everything. If like me, you’re curious and excited about new trends finding their way to Amsterdam- then read on.

Up until a month ago I considered myself a Londoner. I, like many, had a roller-coaster relationship with the city – London chews you up and spits you out and yet thrills and excites you with its electrifying energy. In essence, it’s a bit like a pop-up event – perhaps that’s why London is so mad for everything pop-up: vintage stores, restaurants, bars and even hotels. This part of London culture I really enjoyed; wonderful things with a fleeting existence and a big impact.

Amsterdam is getting on board with this concept more and more, which is terribly exciting!

Pop-up’s by nature adopt a space and make it their own, which is exactly what the creators of Paper Planes have done. Shilair Meriwani and Suzette van Dam brought this LA food inspired café into existence in October. It has turned the espresso bar at Bar Italia (unused in the winter) into a buzzing daytime café. It’s a perfect place for brunch and breakfast, laptop workdays, Bloody Mary’s or a daytime dance.

Paper Planes offers the best of American style food – not the grease and oil, but the fresh healthy hangover food. Think stacked American-style pancakes with honey mascarpone and strawberries. Smashed avocado on toast. Quinoa yoghurt bowl with blue- and Goji berries. Fudgy brownies. Huevos Rancheros. Eggs every-which-way. Whole grain sandwiches. Bloody Mary’s!

It’s easy to wile away the hours here drinking coffee, eating hearty food and getting work done; this is not, however, a place to go in a rush! At peak brunch time it proves extremely difficult to get either a caffeine fix or a table – but do visit and revisit this cosy café before its residency ends at the end of April. Rumour has it they’re now on the hunt for a permanent spot though!

Paper Planes

When: 11:00 – 17:00, open until the end of April
Where: Rokin 18
More info: Facebook page & Bar Italia website

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