Cinedans film festival opens next week at EYE

Cinedans film festival opens next week at EYE

Mar 9, 2015 |  by  |  Art, Event
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A favourite feeling of mine is that awesome wave of awe you feel after experiencing something beautiful. Cinematic beauty and incredible physical expression in dance or theatre does that for me. Goosebumps all over! The idea of combining these two artistic mediums is pretty damn exciting and that’s exactly what is happening next week – Cinedans showcases a plethora of the most creative, exciting and beautiful films woven together by the theme of dance.

Film fest

Similarly with the content that this event deals with – choreographed and complex routines- the festival itself is packed with a host of dance and cinematic styles. The time table is complex, yet well orchestrated; you can pick up a booklet in cafés and arts venues.

A three-day festival of films, of which many are premièring for the fist time from all over the globe: UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, America, France, Turkey, and all over, really! There’s a one of a kind dance-opera with a scientific backdrop that delves into the story of eternal love from The Netherlands, entitled Symmetry and directed by Ruben Van Leer. From the UK hails the première of Desert Dancer (directed by Richard Raymond, Choreographed by Akram Khan). A feature film set in Iran’s volatile political landscape circa 2009, where dancing was illegal.

If abstract and contemporary is more your thing (it’s mine), then catch short film 2 & 2, Are Four, seemingly vulnerable and mesmerising, a dance film where two dancers are blind and two have sight. There’s also a myriad of insightful documentaries into some of the renowned powerhouses of choreography.

Cinema that portrays the sheer joy in dance.

To top it off, there is an installation programmed in EYE that transports you into a dreamy world of retrospective cinema, together with a re-enactment of 1912’s Oh you Ragtime dance film. Boy could they dance back then.

It may be a lesser-known festival of film, here in Amsterdam but I’m confident it’ll showcase some absolute gems – even Sia’s Elastic Heart short-film-slash-amazing-music-video has a spot in it starring Shia LeBeouf nearly in the buff. It’s going to be good.

Cinedans 2015

When: March 11-15
Where: EYE, IJpromenade 1
Tickets: €10,- per programme (€8,50 with a CJP pass) | Festival pass is €75,- | Available here
More info: Website/ & Facebook event

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