The Grand Mokum Hotel, a party with a pinch of history

The Grand Mokum Hotel, a party with a pinch of history

Feb 26, 2015 |  by  |  Event
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Computer screens go black, desks have been removed. The staff’s gone home, leaving their impressive office at the Amsteldijk empty and unattended. But not for long. While architectural plans to make it the most luxurious hotel in town are ready to be put into action, a special atmosphere will be created for The Grand Mokum Hotel tomorrow. That’s right, a party completely in style of The Grand Budapest Hotel.

An opportunity for everyone who wants to see this monumental building from the inside – while it’s still affordable.

Built in 1889 by the municipality of Nieuwer-Amstel (Amstelveen) at the but-end of its borders as a city hall, it had to offer resistance against the area expansion of the city of Amsterdam. To no avail, as we now know. Due to the First World War, this remarkable building with the little tower had to make room for Amsterdam’s massive City Archive. Now – a hundred years later – Amsteldijk 67 belongs to one of the most beautiful pieces of the city.

With its rich history and remaining neo-renaissance style, it is without a doubt the perfect setting for a theme party. Besides; fine food, free drinks and funky artists such as Hans Dulfer & The New Band just might be the ingredients for a Friday Afternoon Drink for the books.


The Grand Mokum Hotel

When: February 27th, 17.00-01.00
Where: Amsteldijk 67
Tickets: €35,- including drinks – here
More info: Facebook event

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