Drag queen galore in the Tolhuistuin

Drag queen galore in the Tolhuistuin

Feb 19, 2015 |  by  |  Event
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As a twenty-five year old writer, hummusaddict, night decorator, Master student, secret girlfriend of James Franco and lover of thick books, I totally agree with the saying that wolves don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

Dutch carnival has just ended but some people like to disguise any time of the year. I’m talking about drag queens, or drags. A phenomenon that’s getting more and more popular here. This Saturday nine drag houses with more than 100 drags compete for the precious title Leading drag house, on the Superball. The women can score points in categories like Lipsync for your life. So much extravaganza under one roof is simply fabulous. I asked organizer Richard aka Jennifer some questions.

A drag queen contest; what can we expect?
“Well, this is the first time so I’m also very excited. 100 drag queens will gather this Saturday to battle for the precious title. We have a jury but the public will also decide who will win. Besides the best house, we also have titles for the most vicious or worst drag queen. It’s going to be a spectacle, that’s for sure.”

Gay people and especially drags will always have to fight for their freedom.

I believe so! Why did you want to organize this event?
“The last couple of years I see more and more drag queens in the city. Not only in the gay scene, but also in the ‘regular’ clubs. It felt like the right time to bring all this people together. Last year I already organized the Drag Queen Olympics; a sport event for drag queens and kings. This year I thought it could be bigger, so here we are with the Superball. Working together with so many divas is a challenge, but a nice one.”


Some people complain about the ‘betutteling’ (patronizing) of our city, and state that we lost the free spirit of the Sixties and Seventies. Do you agree with that?
“Hmm, no not really. I think a lot of people glorify the past and forget we also had intolerance back in the days. I do notice that less gay bars and more ‘regular’ bars open their doors, but I think that’s a worldwide trend. Gay people and especially drags will always have to fight for their freedom. In Amsterdam it seems that extravaganza is regaining ground the last couple of years, a good example is the popularity of Milkshake festival. So I’m quite positive about the current state of mind.”

That’s good to hear. Final question: what do I wear?!
“Haha, well, I think that a lot of people will dress up but of course you don’t need to. Come as you like, it’s going to be fun.”


When: Saturday February 21st, 22:00-05:00
Where: The Tolhuistuin, IJpromenade 2 (close to the Buiksloterweg ferry)
Tickets: €20 including after-party / €10 after-party from 01:00-05:00
More info: Facebook event

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