Lost in identity with Henri Verhoef

Lost in identity with Henri Verhoef

Feb 15, 2015 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Dancing around the world with funky socks and bananas, has a fetish for doors and hands, thinks glitters make live for fun, dreams big and lives by the quote: playing it safe is dangerous.

Is it possible to become who we want to be or even better, the best version of ourself, in the year 2015? Are there too many boundaries or are we living in a society that makes it hard to choose for your own identity.

I’m a big dreamer about these kind of issues and luckily the cool photographer Henri Verhoef (24), is so as well. He shows us that fashion goes way beyond fabrics and shoes. It’s a connection to who we are.

In his latest exhibition (Become: The exaltation of individuality) he asks us the question if we really are that unique as we think. After a quick bite at the University of Amsterdam he started at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. While living in the open and cultural city that is Amsterdam, he discovered that his background is the basis for his work today; coming from a small village in the East of Holland, were everyone is fitted in one kind of box, instead of being one of a kind.

If you’re a sucker for awesome and fashionable photography, but spiced up with social issues, you should definitely visit this exhibition. Mark my words: Henri Verhoef is going to be BIG.

Henri Verhoef x Become: The exaltation of individuality

When: Until Febuary 22, Wednesday to Sunday 12:00-21:00
Where: Melkweg Expo, Marnixstraat 409
Tickets: Free
More info: Facebook event

Photography by Henri Verhoef.

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