Carnival the Amsterdam way, a guideline for dummies

Carnival the Amsterdam way, a guideline for dummies

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This isn´t my Sweet Diary or some way to express anger and frustrations. I don't write analyses so you can create a sharp opinion, and I definitely won´t explain some complicated subject. I don't expect you to get a laughter attack or get inspired to become the new Wubbo Ockels. I live a normal life and sometimes write stories. I don't know why either.

Carnival is getting more popular every year. Even among hip, young people. Who else but Trouw chipped in to this trend, in a couple of years their party De Raad Van 11 grew out to the place to be. While its strip-off began we remain to deal with this nonsense. Drinking beer out of a jug, raising your arm without reminding of a spastic Nazi salute, shouting at the right moments and most of all: an impressive outfit. Here´s some trendy inspiration.

Creative Amsterdammer

Someone who calls himself an Amsterdammer, is someone who is culturally educated. Honour that professional LinkedIn headline and show your creative side dressing up in Van Gogh-style. Unleash your inner artist.
vincent van gogh

Bearded Amsterdammer

Let’s face it: the long beard, preferably a bit dirty. The techno knot, the secret desire to take off your shirt at a party, that one-time-worn harness from Berlin, your Game of Thrones outfit. 1+1=2. We see the resemblance.
Game of Thrones - hipster

Nostalgic Amsterdammer

Everything was better in the past. Even Amsterdam. Back in the days there was an overflow of well-curved ladies in the Red Light District, where weed was available at every corner and lukewarm piss could be deposited in the Handboogsteeg instead of being tapped in a glass.
Amsterdam jaren 70 -1

Digital Amsterdammer

You´re working in graphic design and slightly overworked. ‘Can you turn it around so that we can see more of the front?’ ‘The snow in this design may definitely look a bit warmer.’ ‘Is it possible to make that blue look a bit less blue?’ ‘Let’s debrief on the debrief’. This might be the right moment to get rid of your daily frustrations. Wrap a life-size Pantone colour chart around your body and allow no one to bother you.
Graphic request

Dark Amsterdammer

A moody, angst-ridden goth who feels isolated in the world. She loves writing poetry, photography and anything supernatural and paranormal. There is a life after Trouw, wrapped up in this Lydia Deets-look. Additional advantage: dressed in this costume it’s allowed to order a Skinny Bitch instead of beer.

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