Mixtape Monday: From a deep place by Julius

Mixtape Monday: From a deep place by Julius

Feb 10, 2015 |  by  |  Music
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For Overdose.am Freddie takes care of the the bi-weekly Mixtape Monday podcast.

A monthly mixtape from an Amsterdam based DJ to kick-start your new week. Archive here.

Julius mostly spins at small parties and local festivals at the moment. Driven by his passion for vinyl and a nose for the perfect vibe one could call him a passionate music man. He prefers to play “the (longer) opening set to get the crowd in the right mood and to the next level”. For this mix he brings us his latest favourite tracks, blended together in a flawless tape. Its sound can best be described as minimal, dark, dubby and industrial techno. Quite unique for 2015. He keeps a clear, harmonious line throughout the set and brings you back to the time when Richie released his first Closer to the Edit compilation. Knowing that it’s nearly a vinyl-only set, we believe that this crate-digger is ready to move from opener to later slots!

Even though it’s an old school 2006 minimal sound it feels 100% fresh.


01: Unknown Artist – Untitled (side b) | Dub Chronicles

02: Ilario Alicante – Rouge Dub | Sudden Drop

03: Jay Bliss – Zâmbet De Soare | Stomping Grounds

04: Andrey Pushkarev – First Snow | Circus Company

05: Dotstripe – Pijana | Uwaga

06: ModeBaku & Ted Amber – Forest Walk | Deep Tech Records

07: Afriqua – Eliot | F4TMusic

08: Jay Bliss – Voynich Manuscript | Stomping Grounds

09: Brothers Vibe’ – Feelin’ House (Raw Mix) | Mixx Records

10: Hydergine – Grid | Etui Records

11: Nami – Morgana | Nami

12: Bearweasel – Button Down The Moose | Tsuba Records

13: Smallpeople – Little River | Smallville Records

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