Five things to do with Valentine's Day

Five things to do with Valentine’s Day

Feb 5, 2015 |  by  |  Event
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Restaurants charge you more, roses cost you a fortune and the world turns into one big cliché; Valentine’s Day is probably the least romantic day of the year. Especially when you’re single (don’t ask). But have no fear, this year we won’t feed the haters with another anti-Valentine’s special! Instead I’ll provide you with some original ways to spend the day or evening. So bring your boy-/girlfriend, fling, soul mate, or pet, and celebrate your love!

Film with a view

I admit, catching a film is perfect for the first date or a nice evening as long-time partners and not all that special. But the right spot to watch it can steer you away from that cliché. Don’t think for a second I’m talking about those cheesy love seats in any given Pathé theatre, oh no. Over in Noord, Pllek offers a Valentine’s special wilt cult classic Only Lovers Left Alive, complete with two-seater bean bags, some drinks and optional dinner. And Cathy approved of the film, so you know you’re safe.

only lovers left alive

Love ride

Forget your bike’s luggage carrier (unless you’re a poor student, then you can get away with practically anything), fancy taxi or even a limousine. A horse and carriage are by far the most romantic way to pick up your Valentine. Relax, kick back and see where they take you, or feel adventurous and set out your own round trip through the centre, provided that the start and finish are on Dam square. Order them in advance, or just go and see whether when they’re available. Check Karos for more info!

Home sweet home

Why should Paris have the sole right to call itself the city of love? Even now that the annual Light Festival is over Amsterdam has lots of romantic spots! The Magere Brug (‘Skinny Bridge’) for example, legend has it that kissing on or under it will ensure your love is everlasting. Or have a romantic stroll through the Vondelpark or Amsterdamse Bos, bring a bottle of wine and enjoy each other’s company in complete tranquillity.

magere brug

No he didn’t…

Lower expectations, or maybe even kill them altogether. Make her (let’s be honest girls, Valentine’s Day is still all about tradition) think you have nothing planned, maybe even forgot about the whole thing. What she’s unaware of is that you went through great lengths to plan the perfect dinner. Caviare, champagne and a serenade. Maybe even a ring. The bigger a dick you will be upfront, the bigger the surprise. Do it well and the night will last forever. And I’m almost afraid to spew these words, but so will your love…

Still not convinced? Or maybe you’re having a hard time finding that special person on Tinder? Just ignore it then. Avoid the overdose of cuteness, sweet kisses and couples hugging. Grab some junk food and turn up the heat, Netflix is there for you.

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