A fashionable travel trough time

A fashionable travel trough time

Feb 2, 2015 |  by  |  Event, Fashion
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Dancing around the world with funky socks and bananas, has a fetish for doors and hands, thinks glitters make live for fun, dreams big and lives by the quote: playing it safe is dangerous.

What will 2025 look like and most importantly, what kind of sustainable fashion will we be wearing. Some young fashion birds are dying to show you.

Those early fashion birds are the second-year students of AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute). In two weeks time 260 students have to produce ten individual fashion brands. Each fashion brand is inspired by a Dutch icon, this goes from Cornelis Escher to the typical Dutch fish, herring. Can we expect a lot of raw materials, like the machines in the Rotterdam harbour, or will music make a change in fashion? Triptiek will tell.

So get off your lazy ass, pick some cash out of your piggy bank and make a trip through time for the future of fashion. I heard they have a smashing after party with the finest tunes… so maybe you need to bring some extra shoes or cash. Preferably both. With brand names like FLOOT (almost my name) and PUNT we definitely can expect something good.

Triptiek 2015

When: Febuary 4th, 17:00-00:00
Where: Het Sieraad, Postjesweg 1
Entrance: €5
More info: Facebook event

Photos by Marina Coenen.

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