Public transport just became live and more fun

Public transport just became live and more fun

Dec 7, 2014 |  by  |  Spots
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According to iAmsterdam ‘travelling within Amsterdam is straightforward and convenient’. It’s not. Cycling is. Whether you’re tourist, expat or local, you know public transport in Amsterdam can be a bitch. It seems to be natural law to see the wrong tram pass by three times while waiting for the right one. Trucks unloading, traffic jams, bad weather: a lot can occur, and it’s always a surprise when your ride will show up. Not that it gets much better, since wet hair, fast food, and loud conversations on way too personal issues are just a few of the atrocities you encounter in Amsterdam’s public transport. When you finally do get in, that is.

To kill that dreaded waiting time and ease your suffering a bit you can now check an interactive map, which provides movement visualization of transit data. Never again do you have to wonder how long you have to wait, this nifty tracker by geOps allows you to track your tram, bus, or train in real-time!

Can we get this for rental bikes as well?

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