Feed your photography appetite at YellowKorner without going (too) broke

Feed your photography appetite at YellowKorner without going (too) broke

Oct 6, 2014 |  by  |  Art, Spots
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We all know the feeling of pure torture when you find yourself in your favourite store when you’re flat broke. It sucks like hell. That’s also the reason why I never go to art galleries. Even when I’m not broke I’m still not able to buy even the tiniest drawing or painting. Thank God YellowKorner finally opened its first gallery in The Netherlands.

Affordable art

YellowKorner wants to make photography affordable for all photography fans. And with affordable they mean really affordable. Unlike initiatives like the Affordable Art Fair where art is relatively cheap, but still too expensive for my measly income. Prices start from €50,- for only the smallest print and €82,- for a framed print. And it’s not like the typical art gallery where you can only find 15 pieces. No, they have a very diverse collection of established and new talents from all over the world. It’s impossible to go through all the photos without picturing at least one of them somewhere in your house or office. And at YellowKorner it’s a-OK to do so without having little to peck at the rest of the month.

YellowKorner Amsterdam Gallery

In 2006 two friends, Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat came up with the concept. They opened their first gallery in France and made the photos affordable by increasing the number of copies, and the prints are exclusive to YellowKorner. Now, eight years later, the concept of YellowKorner is aiming for (art) world domination, with galleries in cities all over the world.

September 1st the first gallery in The Netherlands opened its doors at the Singel, where you can find their collection. My favourites are the glamorous vintage jet set photos of Slim Aaron (feature image) and the Bob Dylan picture by Elliot Landy, the official photographer of Woodstock 1969. You can find the entire collection of YellowKorner on their website, but their gallery is definitely worth a visit.


What: YellowKorner Amsterdam Gallery
Where: Singel 282
Online: Website & Facebook

YellowKorner Gallery Amsterdam

Photos by YellowKorner Amsterdam

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