Tailored city picks from DELI Amsterdam

Tailored city picks from DELI Amsterdam

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A sucker for a good story, Cathy is a writer, originally from London. As part of broadcastamsterdam.nl she reviews films and makes video reports on Amsterdam in English. She picks out the best of the lot especially for Overdose. Tweets @cathycentral

What? What do you mean? Overdose.am is not the only going out guide in town? Who knew? OK, there are lots of ways to find the best spots, gigs, bars, clubs, museums, shops, etc in Amsterdam but July saw the launch of a stylish new start-up which brings something different to the mix. So maybe there’s room for just one more…

The concept

A teeny tiny personality test of six multiple choice questions is all it takes and then you’re in. The team behind DELI Amsterdam (pictured above) devised this painless test to make sure their guide to Amsterdam is totally tailored to the user and so different for each person. It’s the central idea behind their platform. They also want to work against ‘the vicious cycle’ where tourists and locals seem to end up at the same places over and over again (although for me, it’s really more of a comfortable cycle).

Your results are presented with some headline top picks in two categories out of Music, Bars, Culture, Shopping, Restaurants and Outdoors, and then a more detailed list of 15 suggestions covering all of those categories. There’s a nifty circular animation thing going on as well, which leads me to say; kudos to the design team. The whole idea, though, is the brainchild of Anna Kolk, who states:

We wanted to created a platform, that is solely based on your unique personality and is thus highly relevant to you.

DELI results cathycentral

In practice

Highly relevant to me? Well, I took the challenge and I came up with the results above. It was pretty spot on, listing one of my favourites, a few places I have been meaning to try out for a while and a few places that were new on my radar but look cool. In my view there was just one miss but who knows, it’s somewhere I haven’t been so maybe I’ll try it one day and find it suits me after all. And I’m thinking that for people like me who go through frequent mood swings there should be plenty of value in playing around with the results more than once. Because there are days I feel jazzy, days I go all techno, days I feel casual and days I put on a pair of heels. The results could be different every time, I reckon.

Have a go yourself and if any of you gets the same tops picks that I got today, well then… maybe you and I are a perfect match? For this unique moment, that is.

DELI Amsterdam

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