Volksmarathon at Wibautstraat

Volksmarathon at Wibautstraat

Jun 27, 2014 |  by  |  Event, Spots
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Something new is cooking in the Wibautstraat. In the last few years, it grew to be one of Amsterdam’s hotspots when it comes to dining and partying, thanks to clubs like Trouw and Canvas. But with Canvas closing last summer and both Trouw and Baut closing their doors this year, we’ll need somewhere new to go to. Don’t worry: this weekend Volkshotel will open it’s doors for you.

‘What would I, an Amsterdam resident, need a hotel for?’ I hear you thinking. Indeed, Volkshotel is a hotel, but it’s not just another average Amsterdam hotel housing stoned and drunk tourists and ‘stiff upper lip’ personnel in white blouses. Think of Volkshotel more as a creative get-together slash working space, all mashed up in one big building you can also sleep in. Besides 172 hotel rooms, the building offers you an open working space, the night lounge and cocktail bar Doka, a smaller cafe for drinks and snacks called Werkplaats and of course good old restaurant/club Canvas will reopen for some good food and funky parties. On top of that -literally, on the 8th floor rooftop terrace- there will be a sauna and hot tub available for hotel guests. I’m predicting some steamy nights.

Think of Volkshotel more as a creative get-together

On June 27th the Volkshotel will officially be opened, but on the 28th the real party gets started. During the public opening, named Volksmarathon, five of the seven floors will be accessible to us all. In the hotel rooms and the hallways you’ll find all kinds of entertainment such as art exhibitions, intimate secret concerts, literary recitals and many other performances.

Art collective Weekender asked four artists to create site-specific artwork in the hotel rooms, literary collective Verhaaltjes Voor De Dorst will tell you sexy little stories and Fringe Festival will show a theatrical teaser of their program this summer. The music will be provided by several musicians, in different areas of the building. Musicians such as Michiel Borstlap, who’s a composer and piano player, as well as Eveline Vroonland, whom with her loopstation and dreamy voice will enchant you. When the night progresses, move on to Canvas to see the DJs, such as Joost Nicolai and deep house legend from Detroit Mike Huckaby. And if you’re still wide awake when Canvas is closed, move downstairs into the basement and have a drink in the speakeasy cocktailbar, where you can stay until the sun comes up.


When: Saturday June 28th, 21.00-04.00 (Doka will be open until 07.00)
Where: Volkshotel, Wibautstraat 150
Tickets: €12,50 http://www.intoparty.com/nl/selectticket
Website: www.volkshotel.nl

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