Unfold your dreams on Sunday with La Rêve

Unfold your dreams on Sunday with La Rêve

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It seems as if your dreams have found a home, in the form of two French words: La Rêve. An organisation founded by four young party-goers, who believe in bringing you a party that you could only come up with in your wildest dreams, is about to throw its third party. Having successfully thrown two previous ones, in the late Barcode nightclub and Beatclub, the boys from la Rêve have yet their best card to play. From dream catchers to a line-up worthy of praise you can expect your dreams to unfold this coming Sunday at the Dhoem Dhaam Droomland.

Headliners for the night will be none other than French wunderkind Worakls, our own Arjuna Schiks, Italian rising star Whomi, and the beautifully talented Illesnoise. They will be supported by local talents such as Hubert Kirchner, Some Chemistry, Reinier Zonneveld LIVE, and La Rêve’s diamond in the rough Eppol.

Guest of honour: Worakls

Coming from the heart of France, 24 year old producer Worakls started his career at the ripe age of three. Being fuelled by a musically talented family the young producer was destined to become a modern day composer. Experiencing his music live is not just like any ordinary event, it’s comparable to a cinematic experience that’ s not only powerful, but sophisticated and dreamlike. He has an arsenal of tracks at his disposal and has begun touring the world without having even released an album yet. Having recently started his own label Hungry Music you can expect your dreams to come true this Sunday with this man behind the decks.

Local hero: Arjuna Schiks

With his melodic and ambient sound influenced by sounds of the world, Arjuna Schiks started his career in the heart of the city at a young age. Having released music on labels such as Gem Records, Einmusika Recordings, Traum, Treibstoff, Wolfskuil and Burlesque Musique he has a resume that would impress any Deep house fan. He has played at festivals such as TimeWarp Holland, Mysteryland, and Loveland, and has perfected his live set that even the best of critics have commended.

Big surprise: Whomi

Coming out of a small town in Italy, up-and-coming DJ and producer Whomi is certainly someone to keep your eye on. Having released one successful EP already, with Parquet Recordings, and setting up to release a second the young producer shouldn’t be underestimated. Having played at the last La Rêve party he is already gaining the hearts of local fans. With a warm melodic techno sound and claiming to be a “simple guy who likes to make music” he seems to be just the perfect fit for this Sunday.

La Rêve

When: Saturday June 8th / 22:00-05:00
Where: Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse, Amsterdam
Tickets: €22,50 – here
More infoFacebook event

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